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Powerful Writing Skills - How to Improve Your Writing With Persuasive Essay Examples

Powerful Writing Skills - How to Improve Your Writing With Persuasive Essay ExamplesCan you find a lot of persuasive essay examples? Yes. You can find lots of easy to use and proficient essay examples online for free, so if you want to improve your writing, and learn to write persuasive essays that will win you the college admissions test, then you'll definitely want to read this article.If you take the time to look through persuasive essay examples, you'll quickly discover that writing effective persuasive essays is actually quite easy. Not only will you learn to write your essay with a point of view, or to figure out how to influence the reader's perception of a problem, you'll also learn how to tailor your essay to the specific needs of the reader. This is why the majority of essay samples out there don't actually teach you how to write convincing essays, but how to figure out how to convey an idea without using an enormous amount of words.The benefits of using persuasive essay ex amples online is that you'll have more control over your essay. The examples that are used online are written in a very honest and open manner that will help you find your voice and write with a sense of balance and style.You can use persuasive essay examples to help you improve your essay composition skills. Even if you are not well versed in the technical language of college essays, you will be able to write your essays with a well-written argument that will intrigue the reader to think about your essay.You can use persuasive essay examples to help you improve your skills in writing persuasive essays. You'll quickly be able to determine how to keep your ideas interesting and compelling for the reader to take the next step in reading your essay.You can use persuasive essay examples to help you discover how to make your persuasive essay more personal. Because you are able to write with an honest and open tone, you can make your essay personal and you can enjoy writing without worryi ng about whether your essay will be noticed or accepted by a reader.You can use persuasive essay examples to help you quickly learn how to write an essay with a powerful point of view and a unique perspective. You'll learn to tell a story using words that will stick with your reader.

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The Quranic And Biblical Story Of Adam And Eve - 1527 Words

Kody Ayers 3/11/2015 The Quranic and Biblical Story of Adam and Eve Christianity and Islam are similar in many beliefs and have many intersecting histories. These beliefs include major points such as a God and ancient prophets. However, Islam and Christianity vary significantly between their religious written works. These works are the Bible and the Qur’an. The compilation of both in their respective religions however do point back to God. God being the omnipotent deity in which these religions believe in. It should be mentioned that although both religions have a â€Å"God†, that does not mean it is the same God. There are key differences in beliefs, culture and history between the two. These two religions are considered Abrahamic religions. Therefore they share a similar past and their records talk about similar topics and events that transpired in the past. To help distinguish some key points of the two religions, one can compare the works of them, regarding the past. This essay will com pare and contrast the same story of Adam and Eve in the Qur’an and Bible and discuss various key points from both and how that applies to elements of its religion. In the Bible, on the sixth day of creation, God created all the land animals and humans. God created man in his own image. In the bible he formed man and breathed life into him. This first human was named Adam. After Adam, God created Eve. It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. (GenesisShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding Diversity Within Society Essay4388 Words   |  18 Pagesdifferently from men. †¢ Culture: the diffrence between chritian culture and muslim culture are: For the Christian their culture is: Christian Culture is one among a growing number of ministries dedicated to understanding and applying a consistent, Biblical worldview. Our goal is to help educate and motivate Christians to reclaim the heritage of our ancestors who lived and died to proclaim the crown rights of King Jesus For muslim culture: Muslims pray five times a day facing the Kaaba in Mecca

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The Treatment Of The Placebo Effect - 1577 Words

The placebo effect is the reaction a patient has to a substance that is believed to be medication. The New Medical Dictionary in 1785 referred to a placebo to be a â€Å"common place method or medicine.† Before that, people would believe anything would heal them, if it worked in the slightest way possible. For example, Elisha Perkins’s Perkins Tractors. Some physicians believe that deceiving a patient is unethical and do not participate in studies that contain placebo research. The placebo effect has been studied by a lot of well recognized people. The same conclusion has been drawn for years, that the placebo effect is simply replies in one’s mind. In 1796, Elisha Perkins invented pointers made of alloys used to extract pain and reduce inflammation (Miller 1935). Since he saw how popular the Perkins Tractors were, John Haygarth decided to conduct an experiment. In 1799, just a few years after the Perkins Tractors were introduced, Haygarth made his own version of the Perkins Tractor (Booth 2005). The Perkins Tractor was somewhat pricey, so Haygarth chose to make his tractor affordable (Booth 2005). Haygarth’s tractor was made out of wood and still advertised the same effects of the Perkins Tractor (Booth 2005). Haygarth found that if the patient believed that a simple tractor, whether made of wood or metal alloys, would cure their inflammation or pain, it would (Booth 2005). Objects were not the only things that caused the placebo effect. Thomas Jefferson, one of the AmericanShow MoreRelatedResearch On Placebo Treatment And Placebo Effects2296 Words   |  10 Pagestested on the effect placebos have over the human mind; research on placebo treatment and the placebo effect has increased exponentially. Researchers have a found a variety of ways to test the effect on people in order to figure out new levels of treatment. If researchers were to figure out that the usage of placebos treats or lowers the pain index in patients with differ ent medical conditions, the standard of technology in medicine would raise to a whole new degree. The placebo effect is when theRead MoreThe Placebo Effect Succeeds As A Legitimate Treatment2395 Words   |  10 PagesThe Placebo Effect Succeeds as a Legitimate Treatment We’ve all heard the joke before. Visualize being a doctor and lying about treatment for a patient. Kind of scary right? However, let us not forget that this patient has miraculously healed from said treatment. Does that make a difference in the fact stated before? That is exactly what is deliberated in a doctor’s mind when prescribing a placebo to their patient. For a moment imagine being the patient. How would one feel? Possibly ill? In desperateRead MoreThe Effects Of Placebo Treatment On Patient Condition1911 Words   |  8 Pagesbut it doesn t measure worsening of an already existing sign or symptom, nor does it detect partial improvement if some degree of residual symptom remains. Both of these limits might contribute in narrowing the gap between the observed effects of placebo treatment and that of a potentially useful medication. The SLEDAI also doesn t account for subjective symptoms like fatigue, dysphoria, arthralgia or myalgia, which might genuinely reflect lupus activity, and may be of high importance to patientsRead MoreThe Use Of Placebos And Its Effects On The Treatment Of Many Disorders ( Stang )1624 Words   |  7 Pagesuse of placebos in research is a controversial topic. Critics argue that the use of placebos is unethical due to the possibility of patients not receiving the highest known method of care or perhaps any treatment at all (Temple Ellenberg, 2000). This is unfortunate, as placebos play a vital role in determining the efficacy of new drugs as well as in the treatment of many disorders (Stang et al., 2005). By discussing the theories behind how placebos work and demonstrating that placebos can be implementedRead MorePlacebo Effects And Placebo Effect1458 Words   |  6 Pages Is the Placebo Effect useful? What is a Placebo Effect? When is the placebo effect used, why is the placebo effect used? Who dose the placebo effect work on? Is the placebo effect only for sick people? Is the placebo effect a drug, a trick, or a cure? Is the placebo effect used often or regularly? Dose the placebo effect work? Is the placebo effect useful? All of these questions will be addressed regarding placebo effect, from what is the placebo effect, why the placebo effect is used, whoRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Cancer1528 Words   |  7 Pagestumors and cancer, has always looked at cancer and its treatment through a biological lens. Cancer is a disease that develops when cells abnormally divide and multiply without control (Depression and Cancer). The treatment of cancer includes, but is not limited to, chemotherapy. This treatment aims to shrink tumors that result from unnecessary cells that keep dividing and multiplying. As chemotherapy only focuses on the biological treatment of cancer, the psych ologically induced symptoms are leftRead More Consciousness and the Placebo Effect Essay1741 Words   |  7 PagesConsciousness and the Placebo Effect In controlled studies, experimenters use placebos as medium to compare the efficacy of a drug. Double-blind controlled studies provide information on whether a drug is effective or if it is not better than placebo. The results of double-blind studies usually depict the latter. Rarely are drugs found to be significantly more effective than placebo because of the placebo effect. The phenomenal effectiveness of the placebo in controlled experiments is mindRead MoreThe Placebo Effect Of Drugs1111 Words   |  5 Pagesnow being paid to other forms of treatments. One of these is using the placebo effect as a treatment. The placebo effect occurs when a person is treated using a fake (inactive) substance that looks like an ordinary medicine, the patient is generally unaware that the substance is inactive. It is the patient’s expectation to feel better, which seems to play a major role in the way the patient actually feels. However a placebo will not cure an illness. The placebo effect has been used in clinical trialsRead MorePlacebo Use For Pain Management1692 Words   |  7 Pages Abstract Placebo use in place of effective pain medication to manage pain was widely spread, until the first half of the 20th century when physicians recognized that the use of placebo is ineffective, harmful, and unethical. This formed a real threat for the professionals and become one of the most controversial issues in the last century. This paper set a statement and rationale for eliminate the use of placebo according to the available scientific and ethical literatures on the controversialRead MoreHow Placebos Can Be Effective Method Of Treatment1268 Words   |  6 PagesKnowing that placebos can be an effective method of treatment, Espay et al. (2015) wanted to see if the price of a placebo would alter its effectiveness. The researchers conducted a double-blind study with twelve patients with moderate to severe Parkinson’s disease. The participants were told that they would be receiving two new injectable dopamine agonists which, despite their large difference in price ($100 and $1,500) were thought to be equally effective. Participants were further told that

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Say No to Plastic for Non-Renewable Source - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theSay No to Plastic for Non-Renewable Source. Answer: Analyzing the policy environment The use of plastic is increasing in the environment day by day and this has harmful effect on the environment by harmful emissions and depletion of essential resources. This is because plastic uses non-renewable source such as crude oil, gas and other which one depleted cannot be recovered (Boucher and Friot 2017). Some of the determined policy of by the Australian economy to reduce plastic waste and usage are: Say no to plastic while shopping anytime. Use alternative to plastic bags such as cloth or paper bag that are reusable Conduct community meeting to spread the awareness of negative impact of plastic usage Gain support for the campaign from the Federal Government This will help reduce the production costs, consumption costs and better litter in the environment. This also limits the depletion of non-renewable resources and reduces health risk in the environment. Power holder maps The objective of the paper is to reduce the usage of plastic and say no to plastic usage. However the power holder maps shows four factors that strongly support the objective and others that strongly oppose the objective of reducing plastic usage (Jakovcevic et al.2014). Figure: Power Holder Maps Source: Authors creation The above map shows that use of paper and cloth bags and reusing the waste generated by paper bags supports the objectives of reducing plastic usage and accepting the usage of reusable bags. The depletion of the non-renewable energy resources also shows the need of using alternative bags rather than plastic. Whereas, the objective seem to oppose by the factor that people of Australia are still using plastic bags for their daily activities. References Boucher, J. and Friot, D., 2017. Primary microplastics in the oceans: a global evaluation of sources.IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. Jakovcevic, A., Steg, L., Mazzeo, N., Caballero, R., Franco, P., Putrino, N. and Favara, J., 2014. Charges for plastic bags: Motivational and behavioral effects.Journal of Environmental Psychology,40, pp.372-380.

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Lamb to the slaughter Essay Example

Lamb to the slaughter Essay Dr Watson is not as observant as Holmes when studying the clues because Sherlock is in deep concentration when studying Stoke Moran whereas Dr Watson is just watching him and not looking at anything for clues.  Ã‚  We had walked several times up and down the lawn, neither Miss Stoner and myself liking to break in upon his thoughts before he roused himself from his reverie.  When Sherlock and Watson are sitting in the room where Julia died waiting for something to happen Dr Watson is quite tense and when something does happen Holmes keeps his cool and hits the snake whereas Watson doesnt really have a clues what is going on. Watson is blinding by the sudden change from complete darkness to sudden light. He only finds out what has fully happened when Holmes and himself enter Dr Roylotts room. When we read Lamb to the slaughter and studied the detectives in it that we found that they were very unlike Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Detective Noonan is from the regular police force and comes to the crimes scene and doesnt investigate every possible suspect because he doesnt interrogate Mrs Maloney and therefore does not come across as a very good policeman who suspects everybody unlike Sherlock Holmes. Detective Noonan also doesnt come across as professional as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. You can tell this because Noonan excepts some whisky which is very wrong because if he had been found out he would most likely been fired. Noonan also has some food, which is also wrong and it is also the murder weapon so there would be no chance of finding out that Mrs Maloney killed her husband. We will write a custom essay sample on Lamb to the slaughter specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Lamb to the slaughter specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Lamb to the slaughter specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The detective come across as being gullible because it doesnt take much questioning for the detective to believe Mrs Maloney that she didnt kill her husband, which again shows that Noonan isnt very intelligent. Also it doesnt take much questioning to the green grocer to rule Mrs Maloney out. The detective was only at the green grocers for fifteen minutes and that was it.  In fifteen minutes he was back with a page full of notes.  Detective Noonan was exceptionally nice to Mrs Maloney, which show yet again that they are not very broadminded and dont suspect everyone. The police should fully investigate Mrs Maloney. Sherlock Holmes is very polite towards people who ever they are. Detective Noonan doesnt come across as being very polite because he belches when he is eating the leg of lamb, which is very rude and impolite, Holmes, would never do this.  There is another detective in Lamb to the slaughter named Detective OMalley. This detective is not much different to Detective Noonan and totally different as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. He also doesnt come across as very intellectual, unlike Holmes. You know this because he eats the murder weapon and is saying that he thinks the murder weapon is right under their noses, which it is. He also doesnt appear to be professional at his job because he also eats the murder weapon and he drinks the whiskey. He is also exceptionally nice to Mrs Maloney, which means that he also isnt inspecting every angle of the case. There are more detectives on the case in Lamb to the slaughter than in The speckled band which is an advantage. They have a photographer and forensics to help the case. They could get time of death what instrument killed Patrick and so on, this would have helped to solve the case but they didnt. Sherlock Holmes didnt have any of these but still managed to solve the case. This shows that the detectives are no where near as clever as Holmes and Watson.  When we looked at each storey we studied the crime and the motive in each story and compared them to each other, we found that the crimes and motive were very unfamiliar whereas in each story there was a murder involved. In The speckled band the murder was very carefully planned, an air vent was installed so the snake could pass through into the next room from Dr Roylotts room. Bell pull was put in next to the vent so that the snake could climb down onto the bed where Julia was sleeping. The bed was clamped down to the floor so the girl was unable to move the bed away from the vent and bell pull.  The bed was clamped to the floor the rope was there as a bridge for something passing through the hole, and coming onto the bed.  Ã‚  There was no way in which the girl could prevent her death unless she moved rooms. There was also a saucer of milk in Dr Roylotts room to lure the snake back. The poison in the snake would not show up on any tests so the death could not be linked to the snake so no one would suspect the doctor. The crime was so well done that no one suspected Dr Roylott and nothing was said for years until Helen began to hear the same whistling sound and clanging sound as Julia. This crime was no where as neat the same as the murder in Lamb to the slaughter because the murder was not planned whereas in the speckled band it was. The murder was out of jealousy and madness. It was out of jealousy because Mrs Maloney couldnt face her husband with another woman because she loved him so much. It was out of madness because she couldnt believe that he was leaving her after what she has done for him. The murder in The speckled band was out of greed for money, which I will describe later. Mrs Maloney didnt mean to kill him she was just so mad and confused she just hit him with what she had in her hand. Mrs Maloney was also quite clever at covering up the crime because she put the murder weapon in the oven and cooked it and made the policemen eat it. She also went out to the grocers and acted very cheerful and told the grocer that she wanted to treat him and cook him a nice tea and pamper him because he was tired. She heard a few of the whispered phrases acted quit normalvery cheerfulwanted to give him a good supperpeascheesecakeimpossible that she  Mrs Maloney also told herself that when she set off from her house Patrick was alive and when she got back and found him dead that it would be a great shock to her so that she wouldnt have to fake her emotions. Mrs Maloney was very good at covering up the murder, acting very shocked and using the grocer as an alibi. This is similar to The speckled band because both murders were cleverly covered up.   When we studied the crimes we looked at why the murders would kill those people and we found out some motive of why they killed them. Once we had done this we compared them. In The speckled band Dr Roylott had an obvious motive, money. Money linked to inheritance. Julia, the girl who was murdered was due some money so if she died it would go to Dr Grimsby Roylott. Helen was also due some money linked to inheritance and again it would go to Dr Roylott if she died. His motive was money and greed. Julia was a typical victim as Dr Roylott was a typical villain. Julia was a young woman, innocent and venerable. Dr Roylott was a typical villain because he was violent, aggressive and had a previous record. What has she been saying to you? screamed the old man furiously.The doctor had a very unusual method of murder, snake, whereas in Lamb to the slaughter it was not as unusual.  In Lamb to the slaughter the motive was Mrs Maloneys husband was leaving her for another woman. Mrs Maloney was confused, jealous and angry. Mrs Maloney was and unusual victim because she was pregnant, the wife of a policeman very happy to be married to Patrick. The murder was impulsive and it maybe was manslaughter. When we had looked at the crimes and motives we then looked at the clues and red herrings which were given throughout the two stories. In The speckled band quite a lot of clues and red herrings are given. For instance when Helen Stoner came to Sherlock she describes that Julia was complaining of whistling and metal clanging sounds in the last few nights that she was alive. Also when Helen was forced to sleep in the room where Julia died she heard the whistling and clanging of metal sounds. Tell me, Helen, said Julia, have you ever heard anyone whistle in the dead of the night?  This shows that the whistling sounds and the metal clanging sounds are linked to Julias death. Some more clues, which were linked to Julias death was the vent which didnt leave outside it lead straight through to Dr Roylotts room. There was also a bell pull, which lead to no bell. The bell pull ran straight down to the bed, which was clamped to the floor. Helen also described that Julia always locked her door every night because the doctor kept a cheetah and a baboon. There was also bars in the chimney so no one could come down from the roof and the windows were very small and had shutters on which could not be forced open from the outside. After a careful examination through the window, endeavoured in every way to force the shutter open, without success.  Another clue given to you in The speckled band was that when Julia was found she was holding a match, which had been lit, in one hand and in the other hand she held a matchbox. Also just before she passed away she said,  O, my God! Helen! It was the band! The speckled band!  She pointed in the direction of the Doctors room after she said this.  When Holmes was examining Dr Roylotts room he noticed that he kept a large metal safe, a saucer of milk on top it and on the wall a dog lash. All these were very peculiar. A large iron safe was the principle thing that met the eye He took up a small saucer of milk which stood on top of it the object which had caught his eye was a small dog lash hung on the corner of the bed.  There are not just clues in The speckled band there are red herrings, things which send you in the wrong direction of solving the case. For instance a red herring in The speckled band are the peculiar pets which the doctor keeps, the cheetah and baboon. Another red herring is the gypsies, which camp on the Stoke Moran property. When Julia say that it was the speckled band Helen told Holmes that the gypsies wear head bands which are speckled so Holmes thinks that the gypsies have something to do with the death of Julia. This again is leading Holmes and Watson off the case. We then compared The speckled band clues and red herring with the Lamb to the slaughter clues and red herrings we found that they were very different. There were very little clues and red herrings in the story because the murder was unplanned and the story is a short one. Although there was some clues and red herrings within the story. The leg of lamb was the murder weapon but the police failed to notice this whereas Holmes found every clue there was in The speckled band. Already there are differences between the stories because the police didnt find any of the clues linked to Jack Maloneys death whereas Holmes found them all. As I said there were very little clues but there are quite a few red herrings, as there was in The speckled band. A red herring in the Lamb to the slaughter was that when Mrs Maloney went to the groceries acting very cheerful and happy as if there was nothing wrong. This is leading the police off from blaming Mrs Maloney for Patricks murder because she wouldnt be acting cheerful if she had just killed her husband. Mrs Maloney uses the grocers for an alibi, which suddenly throws the blame off her. Another red herring is the way Mrs Maloney acts in front of the police. When she was talking to the police she put on innocent eyes and an innocent face and tilted her head, which gave the impression that, she would never hurt anyone let alone her husband.

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Indians and Farmers essays

Indians and Farmers essays Reservation Indians and frontier farmers were important to society during the late 19th century. Reservation Indians and frontier farmers are similar and different in various ways. However the Indians and farmers were important to animals and raising crops for survival. I believe without either of these groups the world would be totally different from the way it is today. The late 19th century had two groups of people who tried to survive the best way they could. The farmers and Indians both raised animals in order to survive. The farmers would raise animals to eat or sell to traders and use their fertilizer for money. They would raise the animals and sell them for a good price or they would beef them up and eat them to fill their stomachs. The Indians would ride cattle throughout the grasslands and hills for transportation. If they saw a good animal to eat they wouldnt hesitate to kill it and cook over a warm fire. The Indians and farmers are also similar in the way they celebrate traditions. Both groups believe in the lord and are religious people. The farmers celebrate the fourth of July for their independence from the British. The Indians have celebrations such as dancing around the fire and have many prayer services to thank the lord for everything he has given them. They are both respectful to each other and serve a great purpose on the land provided by the lord and they both make the best of the land and animals. The Indians and the farmers also are similar in the way they use their women. The women for both groups are very important to the children. The Indian women usually took care of the sewing and the children. The frontier farmer women also did a lot of sewing and took care of the little ones. The women also took care of the animals such as milking the cows and in some cases bathed them. However the Indians and frontier farmers are different as well. The Indians usually lived in the hil...

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Question about Soviet Union Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Question about Soviet Union - Essay Example Thesis statement: In the article ‘Everything you think you know about the collapse of the Soviet Union is wrong’ Leon Aron states that combination of economic, political and social factors accelerated the collapse of the Soviet Union. The popular assumptions and misunderstandings upon the collapse of the Soviet Union According to Aron, popular assumptions upon the collapse of the Soviet Union are based upon misunderstandings. For instance, people misunderstood that American influence was behind the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990s. This is totally wrong because America did not expect rapid collapse of the Soviet Union. Aron (2011)opines that â€Å"There did not seem to be any other signs of a pre-revolutionary crisis either, including the other traditionally assigned cause of state failure -- external pressure† (p.2). To be specific, the leaders of the Communist Party in Soviet Union did not share information on the socio-political and economic scenarios. One cannot expect that the decline in GDP growth in 1980s did collapse the Soviet Union because people were conditioned to cope with problems. Besides, the financial problems faced by Soviet Union, related to the unexpected drop in oil price in 1980s did not harm her economy. There were less political problems in 9180s, so it cannot be considered as an important factor of the unexpected collapse of the Soviet Union. But the Afghan war exerted a little bit pressure upon the financial background of Soviet Union. Besides, Soviet Union cunningly suppressed the anti-communist uprisings in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland. In short, Soviet Union in 1980s was a global super power with less socio-economic and political problems. Aron (2011) opines that â€Å"Certainly, there were plenty of structural reasons -- economic, political, social -- why the Soviet Union should have collapsed as it did, yet they fail to explain fully how it happened when it happened † (p.2). The popular assump tions on the collapse of the Soviet Union were based upon misunderstandings and the questions on the collapse are still answerless to an extent. If America is not behind the rapid collapse of Soviet Union, and then, who is the mastermind behind the same? From a different angle of view, one can see that the aspiration of the people in Soviet Union to regain human dignity and individual liberty accelerated the collapse of Soviet Union. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the moral quest of individual freedom The author believes that it is important today to fully understand the collapse of the Soviet Union because more and more people are misjudging the scope of innovative measures adopted by Mikhail Gorbachev (say, perestroika and glasnost). Gorbachev considered that these political polices can renovate the Russian society to morality and liberalization. He very well knew that the Russians were fed up with the single party system in Soviet Union. First of all, Gorbachev decided to s eek answer to the moral problems faced by the people. The political policies like perestroika and glasnost, adopted by Gorbachev, were able to solve the social problems in the Russian society. For instance, perestroika restructured the Russian society, and glasnost accelerated openness towards innovation. Now, it is time to take steps to solve the economic problems faced by Russia. The Soviet Model did not help the Russian society to be free from lawlessness and corruption. Instead, it